Leeds RAG Fashion Show


Bumble Ends The Night In Style

Aah the afterparty: the secret society of any occasion. When you think of any major event (the Golden Globes, the Burberry show at fashion week, the Yalta & Potsdam conferences of 1945), you can’t help but wonder what went down once the formalities were over and the cameras were off.

Whose house did Timothée Chalamet use to change out of his Louis Vuitton harness and into his ‘lucky shirt’ for the post-Golden Globes megasesh? Which of the many invites did Gigi Hadid accept to let her hair down after walking at LFW? And after how many whiskies did Stalin & Churchill decide to put down the map of Germany, and put on their best impressions of Sonny & Cher? (And who was who?)

It’s safe to assume that all of these afterparties were iconic in a clandestine way, a secret from the hoi polloi of the main event, but none of them were sponsored by Bumble, and none of them took place in Leeds’ Church, and so, it’s also safe to assume, that none of them really matter.


Bumble afterparty LRFS

Bumble afterparty LRFS


On the other hand, the Official Bumble LRFS x MG Afterparty on the 28th Feb IS sponsored by Bumble and IS taking place at Church, and so it undoubtedly WILL officially be the only important event post-fashion show, forever and ever amen.

When the legend of LRFS 2019 gets passed down through the ages, the afterparty will be hailed as one of those “where-were-you-when…” moments. And, as people speculate on what REALLY happened after the models made their final lap of honour, you’ll be able to sit your grandchild firmly on your knee and, with a wry smile, explain to them that they just had to be there – sorry kiddo.

“Pics or it didn’t happen” they’ll say (for this phrase has withstood the test of time) and you’ll know that, no matter how many pics you show them, they will never truly be able to grasp the enormity of a Bumble x LRFS x MG afterparty – the most ambitious crossover of all time.

Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2018 — Photography by Lucy R. Jones

This guy’s been ready to boogie since 2018

So you’ve made it to the afterparty (congratulations, you’re a somebody now) and you’ve swept Church for as much Bumble merch as you can possibly rep. Now there’s just one decision left to make: who are you gonna be?

Are you a Timothée Chalamet wannabe, donning your ‘lucky shirt’ (perhaps a Bumble tee if you really are lucky enough to get one) in the hope of finding your Bumble Date tonight? Your demanding grandkids haven’t come from nowhere, amirite?

Are you a Gigi Hadid, letting your hair down but never taking your eye off the ball – scouring the venue for your next big project, your Bumble Bizz partner, exploiting the afterparty in a way that the other mere mortals around you couldn’t possibly comprehend? One man’s afterparty is another man’s pre-show after all.

Or, are you just a Churchill looking for your Stalin? Yes, your paths may not cross in conventional uni society but, at the LRFS afterparty, anything is possible! Church is your Yalta, and Bumble BFF is your fictional post-conference karaoke session – so get out there and find your platonic soulmate!

Bumble LRFS

It’s gonna be lit

If you’ve made the executive decision to be a part of history, or if you’re just ready to cede to the almighty matching powers of Bumble, you can still get tickets to LRFS x MG: The Official Bumble Afterparty here on FIXR. But be quick, the word is spreading.

See you on the dancefloor x