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LRFS Jewellery Guide: Art Through The Ages

Diane Von Furstenberg once said ‘Jewellery is like the perfect spice- it always compliments what’s already there.’

As art infiltrates into fashion and fashion into art, jewellery trends are constantly bringing back iconic looks inspired by culture from the past.

I’ve selected my favourite on trend jewellery pieces that reflect the Art movements that have shaped history and will be inspiring the Leeds RAG Fashion Show runway looks.


The Romantic period was influenced by the ideals of imagination and emotion, idolising  nostalgia and embracing the grandeur of the natural world. As the moon is a universal feminine symbol and represents the darker side of nature, this delicate moon ring seemed like the perfect fit for reflecting the themes of the Romantic period.

Ottoman Hands, £25

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At the heart of Cubism is the fRAGmentation of imagery. Presenting objects from various angles, Cubism adopts the use of right angles and straight lines. These tortoiseshell earrings embrace the use of squares creating a simple but effective aesthetic.

Warehouse, £12

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This eccentric style of art is dedicated to expressing imagination free from the conscious. Inspired by the debunking of rationalism, Surrealism reflects the dysfunctional, incorporating themes of the disturbed. These unique green droplet earrings hanging on hammered gold studs  encapture the beauty of the obscure and unconventional and create a stunning statement jewellery piece.


& Other Stories, £23

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Creating art en plain air (outside),  impressionists were compelled by the world around them. The aim was to encapsulate an image of an object as someone might catch a glimpse of it. As impressionists take inspiration from the world around them, stylist Ali Griffiths has decided to represent this era with street style. Therefore, on reflection of current street style trends, I have picked out this gold layered-look necklace, featuring a lock and cross pendant.

Pretty Little Thing, £10

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Pop Art

Characterised by vibrant block colours and simple every day imagery, Pop Art explores popular culture and consumerism. The rainbow of colours on these beaded tassel hoop earrings will bring to life even the dullest of outfits embracing Pop Arts fun aesthetic and its challenge to the seriousness of impressionism.

Accessorize, £8

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