Leeds RAG Fashion Show


LRFS19 Theme Reveal

The wait is over. Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2019 has officially announced the theme for the upcoming show.

LRFS19 Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2019 Theme Reveal

Photos from the official LRFS19 promo shoot by Milly Hewitt

LRFS19 Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2019 Theme Reveal

As you’ve already seen from all of our social media, and all over campus and Hyde Park, LRFS19 has been going rogue for the past week, making like Banksy and sticking our logos everywhere we could.

This seems quite fitting, as the theme for this year’s show is all about uniting fashion and art, as you’ve probably seen from our incredible promo video.


Entitled ‘The Collection’, those 11s you’ve been seeing on coffee cups, in lecture theatres, and maybe on the windshield of your car, have layers of meaning:

To celebrate our 11th year of making Leeds RAG Fashion Show the most exciting and anticipated event of the Leeds calendar, and raising thousands of ££££ for great causes in the process

To represent the ‘ll’ in our title ‘The Collection’

To remind you all that TODAY is the 11th of December – the date of our exclusive pre-sale. Buy your tickets here!

LRFS19 Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2019 Theme Reveal

LRFS19 Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2019 Theme Reveal

So, what can you expect from Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2019?

Think art throughout the ages. Think classical, then think modern. Think about how art and fashion go hand in hand with each other, and hand in hand with music and performance. Most importantly, get ready to be inspired by the unique vision of Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2019, and raise a record-breaking amount of money for the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund and Behind Closed Doors.