Leeds RAG Fashion Show


Our Charities: Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

The official countdown begins. Amidst the excitement for ‘The Collection', it’s important to reflect on the other reason we are putting on the fashion show. According to Cancer Research UK ‘every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer'. This unfortunately is the sad reality for many families living in the UK. That's why this year, Leeds RAG will be supporting the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund.

This charity is one which is near and dear to the hearts of this year's directors, Bella Bowes and Tamika Hewitt. It is a known fact that pancreatic cancer is not only one of the hardest forms of cancer to diagnose and treat, but also one which has one of the lowest survival rates. The worrying thing is, for such an urgent and life-threatening illness, not much research has been conducted on it, and fundraising efforts towards the illness have been relatively low in the past.  

So what do Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund do and what does it stand for?

This charity has three objectives…

  1. To raise funds for research into early detection, new treatments and ultimately a cure for pancreatic cancer
  2. To encouRAGe more of the research community to get involved in pancreatic cancer research
  3. To promote the need for more research funding by the major cancer research funding organisations

PCRF wants to raise awareness about, and expand our knowledge on, pancreatic cancer. They have already done an amazing job of supporting 52 research projects thanks to fundraisers and donations: now it is time we play our own part.

Sadly, we still have a long way to go when it comes to beating cancer and, an even longer way to go with pancreatic cancer. However, every bit of research moves us closer to our goal. It’s not too late to play your part and contribute and save the lives of millions. Each donation is crucial as, currently, research and resources are limited.

If you want to donate, each committee member and model have their own donation pages where you can donate however much you can.

Together we can improve lives; together we can find a cure.