Leeds RAG Fashion Show


The Concept: Impressionism

What is Impressionism?

Spontaneous, realistic and beautiful. These three words perfectly sum up the ideas behind impressionism. First created in France during the 19th Century by painter Claude Monet, impressionism focuses on capturing the beauty of everyday life right in the moment; painting nature and all things wonderful in the world.

impressionism monet

Impression, Sunrise. Painted by Claude Monet.

What do the stylists have to say about Impressionism?

‘Impressionism is a French art movement that started in the 1870s that focused on painting in the open air, (en plein air). Since impressionist painters focused on the world around them, what style is there to better represent this than street style? The style is born out of cultural and social influences, and represents everything about the world we live in. Think suit jackets with track-pants, industrial work clothes paired with tennis shoes and skate-wear layered on hiking gear’

РAli Griffiths

LRFS impressionism

Who were the Impressionists?

The founding father of impressionism, Claude Monet, quickly inspired many other artists to carefully capture the passage and beauty of time and space. Camille Pissarro, Berthe Morisot, Edgar Degas and Edouard Manet all joined Monet’s endeavour by enabling the impressionism movement to flourish. All these artists gifted us with wonderful images of fields, lakes, people; encapsulating each moment.

LRFS impressionism

Witness the ‘revitalisation’ of the Impressionist movement and view it in a never-before seen light on the 28th February at the Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2019.

Photos from the official LRFS19 promo shoot by Milly Hewitt