Leeds RAG Fashion Show


The Concept: Pop Art

“Once you ‘got’ pop, you could never see a sign the same way again. And once you thought pop, you could never see America the same way again.”- Andy Warhol

What is Pop Art?

Emerging in the 1950’s but flourishing in the swinging 60’s, Pop Art was inspired by a fascination in popular culture and consumerism. Utilising primary block colours, artists set out to generate inclusive art that had a mass appeal.

Painting: ‘Crying girl’  by Roy Lichtenstein

What do the stylists have to say about Pop Art?

“Since Pop Art is an American art movement that celebrates popular culture and colour I’ve really focused on bringing bright clashing patterns and unusual textures to my scene inspired by Jeremy Scott (Fall 2014 Moschino), Agatha Ruiz De La Prada (Madrid WF 2014), Gianni Versace (Spring 1991) and Yves Saint Laurent (1966 pop art show). All I’m saying is the scene is meant to be fun and rich with colour which I definitely think will be achieved so stay tuned and expect some colourful wigs!”

– Solene Rose


Photo: Yves Saint Laurent  A/W 1966 collection photographed by Jean-Claude Sauer

Who were the Pop Artists? 

Known as the ‘Pope of Pop’,  Andy Warhol was one of Pop art’s pioneers. Working on a range of media, including printmaking and painting, his prolific career ranged from creating iconic celebrity portraits to appropriating consumer images. Think Marilyn Monroe, tomato soup and Coca- cola!

Roy Lichtenstein was also a leading figure in the movement, known for featuring culture icons like Mickey Mouse and composing paintings of comic strips, employing  the Ben Day dots technique.

Photo: the official LRFS19 promo shoot by Milly Hewitt

Embracing Warhol’s mantra that ‘everyone needs a fantasy,’ the final scene of the ‘The Collection’ will transport you to the colourful chaos of the world of Pop art.