Leeds RAG Fashion Show


The Concept: Surrealism

What is Surrealism?

Rejection of the norm and to Revolutionise; these are some of the key ideas behind Surrealism. Originating in the twentieth century, Surrealism focuses on the ‘strange beauty of the uncanny, the disregarded and the unconventional’  and delves into the inner depths of mind. Looking to visions, dreams and the unconscious for inspiration, Surrealism is a friend to the strange and the unknown and has in turn resulted in some of the most unforgettable pieces of art being created.

Surrealism LRFS

The Son of Man, 1964. Painting by René Magritte.

What do the stylists have to say about Surrealism?

‘Surrealism was an art movement designed to confuse and disturb. Artists like Dali and Magritte juxtaposed inanimate objects to help unlock the unconscious mind. This scene will be weird, wonderful and a little disturbing. The audience will be left confused but intrigued. Clothes that are unusual, dysfunctional, eccentric and bewildering will be used to create the runway looks.’

– Amy Brogden

Surrealism LRFS

Who were the Surrealists? 

The definition of ‘Surrealism’ was coined by French poet and playwright, Guillaume Apollinaire. Yet, in terms of the world of art, it was Andre Breton who was the brains behind the Surrealism movement. Breton himself focused on ‘abstract expression’ and in nature, whereas other artists such as Rene Magritte focused on the feeling of mystery within his work. Salvador Dali was another individual who studied the world of dreams and hallucinations and Pablo Picasso explored the irrational through a world of colour and shapes.


Surrealism LRFS

Get ready to be dazzled by the world of the weird and the wonderful. Time is quickly running out so make sure you get your hands on tickets to the University event of the year.

Photos from the official LRFS19 promo shoot by Milly Hewitt